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Claim your 100 $CCD if you were an early AesirX WEB3 ID registrant and minted your NFT.

Get 150 $AESIRX by referring 6 friends to register for AesirX WEB3 ID

Receive a share of the 250,000 $AESIRX reward pool

when becoming one of the first 2,500 users 

AesirX WEB3 ID is our privacy-first security Solution

AesirX WEB3 ID is an advanced identity management solution that protects users’ personal data and ensures privacy on the internet. 

It combines several unique privacy-enhancing technologies - utilizing the power of Concordium technology, AesirX SSO (Single Sign On), and 1st party AesirX Analytics.  

The blockchain-based authentication system addresses the challenges of online security providing a World Wide Web Passport for decentralized and anonymized navigation around the [online] world!

With 1-click (passwordless) login, sign in seamlessly preventing online attacks and stopping hackers from exploiting weak passwords and insecure Web2 software. AesirX WEB3 ID stops users from being tracked and 3rd-party data collection, and avoids the risks of data sharing and legal liability.

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Revolutionary Concordium blockchain ID

Trust comes as standard, but the technology is anything but

AesirX WEB3 ID provides users with a unique decentralized ID and therefore a secure verified identity to gain complete control over data protection and privacy.

Based on the most advanced layer 1 zero-Knowledge blockchain in the world combined with AesirX innovation and Privacy by Design, this incredible technology offers a simplified user experience for a single, protected entry point to the world wide web. 

Choose one of 5 NFT tiers from Community to Enterprise and log in via your Web3 Wallet to access AesirX WEB3 ID and all its features, benefits, and rewards.



Our Logo image WEB3 ID solution is the future of digital identity and is the perfect solution for organizations that want to take their online security to the next level.


Protected decentralized identity

Create & manage your own digital identity, stored on a decentralized network for a more secure & private identity solution.


Secure your online user ID

Get your chosen ID by signing up early. When you register your unique ID, it stops anyone else from getting the ID you want.


Web2 & Web3 log-in options

Compatible with a wide range of applications across different Web2 & Web3 networks, enabling seamless & easy access to various services.


User control

Get full control over your personal data, allowing you to choose what information to share and with whom.



Simplifies the sign-up process for different apps, eliminating the need for multiple accounts and passwords & saving you time & effort.


Access exclusive benefits

Benefits and rewards to early adopters, including early access to new features & other incentives like share2earn & affiliate2earn.

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What will you do when 3rd-Party Cookies are blocked?

How will you deal with online attacks? AesirX WEB3 ID is THE secure and compliant future of the World Wide Web


AesirX - WEB3 ID for the World Wide Web

Our main features on
AesirX WEB3 ID

1 Time Payment

Cost to Mint NFT

Image PackagePre-Register



Image PackagePre-Register



Image PackagePre-Register



Image PackagePre-Register



Mint Required
Unique @Web3 ID
World Wide Web Passport
Social Media Passport
Gamefi Passport
MetaVerse Passport
Privacy First Analytics
WordPress Single Sign On
Joomla Single Sign On
Personal ID
zK ID Secure Access
Organizational ID
Priority for ID Reservation
Priority for Org ID Reservation


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Background Testimonial

Logo image WEB3 ID makes it easy, secure, and private for anyone on the Internet to sign in. It's for Web2 users as well, but it's the integrative Web3 technology that gives users endless ways to use it.

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Tito Alvarez

Backend CTO // Co-Founder

Ready to start with
AesirX WEB3 ID

Choose the right pricing for you
and get started with your project

1 Time Payment

Decentralized Consent
Anonymized Browsing
Anonymized Newsletter
Anonymized Abandoned Cart
Personalized Digital Marrketing Experiences
Loyalty & Membership Clubs
1 - Click Shopping
Access to $AesirX Community Sales
WEB3 ID Share2Earn Program
Web3 ID Affiliate2Earn Program

How does AesirX WEB3 ID work?

Step 1: Pre-Register and Activate your Web3 ID
(Will be sent on email)
Step 2: Register on Concordium and set up your Concordium Wallet
(Skip this step if you already have a Concordium Wallet)
Step 3: Connect Concordium Wallet to WEB3 ID
Step 4: Earn rewards in the TestNet Program (05/03)
Step 5: Earn rewards & claim tokens to Mint your NFT (24/03)
Step 6: Claim $AesirX tokens at TGE (Q3 2023)
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Want to see how AesirX can reconnect your digital marketing with compliant data and without abuse of personal data?

Try the Demo
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Don’t take our word for it - 
Concordium’s identity layer has been proven secure.

AesirX WEB3 ID is utilizing zero Knowledge security and ID through Concordium based on the scientific study carried out on Balancing Privacy and Accountability in Blockchain Identity Management, supported by Concordium Blockchain Research Center (COBRA) and Torben Pryds Pedersen as Technical Advisor.

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Torben Pryds Pedersen

Technical Advisor
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Secure your Web3 ID today!

Web3 IDs are issued based on Tier Priority and first to request, so the faster you secure Your ID and the higher Tier, the more likely it is that you will get your requested Web3 ID @Username.

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Email or call:

Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen
Creator at AesirX

Phone: +19176952932


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